Nearer My God to Thee

About This Arrangement

Close up of organ pipes on the right side

Some Notes

  • This hymn was reportedly played by a string quartet while the Titanic was sinking
  • Sung by the crew and passengers of the SS Valencia in 1906 when that ship sank off the Canadian coast
  • This arrangement was written for Creg Ostler prior to his call as the President of the Manila Philippines Mission in 2014
  • I started working on it before anyone knew about his mission call
  • One of his favorite hymns
  • Makes use of the chimes stop on the organ
Organ keyboards

The Story Behind This Arrangement

I began playing the organ in the Mesa Arizona Temple shortly before President Ostler and his wife were called to preside over the Manila Philippines Mission. I was inspired to arrange this hymn during my training with the organ coordinator in the temple. She asked me to play this hymn using the chimes setting on the organ. As I began to play it, I started making changes to the chord progression that I heard in my head while I was playing. The head organist told me how beautiful the arrangement was. It was at this time that I was inspired to arrange it for President Creg Ostler, who was serving as my stake president at the time. I thought: Why? They’re not going anywhere. Again, I was instructed to arrange it so I set about doing so. It wasn’t long after this experience that their mission call and President Ostler’s forthcoming release as the stake president was announced to the stake. I presented this arrangement to President and Sister Ostler a few months prior to their departure for the Philippines in June 2014.

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