A Walk Through Fire

About This Composition

Some piano strings

Some Notes

  • Named by one of Kathy’s students, Megan Wickliff
  • Part of the song was written during my high school years
  • Rest of it was written in 2000
  • Composer was inspired by a song she heard while watching an animated cartoon on television
  • Most requested song among my middle school music students
Piano strings and bracing

The Story Behind A Walk Through Fire

I wrote parts of this song while I was in high school. I heard a melody on an animated cartoon I watched on the television. I don’t remember the name of the cartoon I was watching. However, I really liked the melody of the song the character sang and sat down at the piano to figure it out. I couldn’t remember most of the chord progression so I added my own progressions and melodic line. The rest of the piece was written while I was student teaching in 2000.

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