About This Composition

Trombone being played

Some Notes

  • Written for my three musical mentors: Dr. David Lunt, Dr. Tom Sullivan and Mary Pat Lansing
  • Performed at the Madison School District’s (AZ) Welcome Back breakfast in August 2012
  • Performed for my mentors during concerts held at Safford High School (2013) and St. David High School (2015), both are located in Arizona.
  • On this recording: Kathy Coon, piano; David Ginn, trombone; Ken Giordano, trumpet
Piano with the lid up

The Story Behind Mentors

These mentors had a huge impact on my decision to become a music educator. They all taught me how to get beyond the notes and rhythms on a page and really tell the story of the music. They also taught me how important each individual member of a musical ensemble is and to teach the one as well as the group. They expected nothing less than my absolute best and expected it from the groups they worked with as well. They gave me and all of their students nothing less than their absolute best. All three of them have continued to support, encourage and teach me throughout my life and career. They are dear friends of mine. I’ll never forget them. I have worked hard, throughout my career, to be the kind of teacher to my students that these mentors were to me. Each day I strive to emulate their examples. If I am half as successful in this endeavor as they have been I will consider my career a success.

I wanted to write a piece specifically for these mentors that would express the depth of my feelings towards them and the difference they have made in my life. This piece is the result of those desires. One of the greatest joys of my life was presenting this composition to them.

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